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Minecraft Story Mode Download – Games PC

Minecraft Story Mode Download is an episodic adventure game set in the world of Minecraft. It is the product of collaboration between the studio Telltale Games, specializing in the production of such titles (The Walking Dead, Tales from the Borderlands Game of Thrones), and the company Mojang, Minecraft authors. As in previous games studio Telltale, we are dealing here with a game-oriented driven tells the story of choices made by the player. Its passage is a matter of about 10 hours.

Minecraft Story Mode Download

The game itself is divided into five episodes (about 2 hours per episode), and we take on the character of Jesse, who with the help of friends looking for the famous Stone Order (Order of the Stone) consisting of four legendary warriors. With their help, Jessie and accompanying friends must save the world from its destruction.

Minecraft Story Mode Download:

Minecraft Story Mode download

The game is to crawl available in the game world, conversations with all sorts of characters and skirmishes encountered a native of RPGs shares. Minecraft Story Mode Game PC can also boast a completely new element of fun, which previously was not in the studio Telltale productions. Now players can choose the appearance of your character with a choice of several different male and female version of the protagonist. Of course, the game also kept Minecraft way style graphics. Characters and presented in the game world created using blocks that give it a unique look. Minecraft: Story Mode will appear on PC and Mac, consoles PlayStation, Xbox and Wii U, as well as on devices with iOS and Android. It is thus the first game studio Telltale Wii U.

It had begun to dream of an inventive game, delighted in advance to be surprised by how an adventure game could exploit the world of Minecraft, ingenuity and unusual atmosphere. The alarm clock is difficult: Minecraft Story Mode Download is more of a cartoon that video game, and hardly the worthy quality of “racking” Gulli morning before – we could go back to sleep.
Because the game is an abysmal boredom. Like the previous productions of his publisher Telltale Games, who had made some adaptations appreciated as The Walking Dead, Minecraft: Story Mode is a narrative game in which the player only occasionally intervenes to make choices that will influence Following the events.
If this could make sense in a post-apocalyptic world populated by zombies, where any decision is a matter of life or death, this is far from the case here, where the shares are more anecdotal. No game lent itself less to the highly restrictive formula Minecraft, which embodies ultimate freedom to explore and create.

Minecraft Story Mode Download:

Minecraft Story Mode download


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